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Fit for music

Website for classical pianist and music coach Jamina Gerl

Jamina Gerl is a renowned classical pianist with over 30 years of international experience, which she now makes available through coaching and career mentoring. She supports talented young musicians to prepare them for the very demanding conditions of a career in classical music. We have developed a classical OnePager for this purpose.

She has played Bach, Liszt, Schumann and many other composers, as a soloist and with orchestras. She has mastered programme design, concert management, self-marketing and CD production. Jamina Gerl now makes all this experience available to young musicians with her career mentoring.

Jamina Gerl has developed into a coach through intensive further training in prevention, health and psychology and offers performance coaching for professional musicians in addition to mentoring for up-and-coming musicians. Her goal is always to enable the musicians to concentrate fully on the music. Fit for music, so to speak, because making music at this level is high-performance sport.

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    Jamina Gerl

  • Services
    Overall concept & implementation of extended OnePager. Development of a word-image brand and associated business stationery.
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Each section tells a story

During the first meeting with the client, it became clear that her website would be an extended OnePager. Everything is on one page, only her biography has its own subpage. The challenge of a OnePager is to reduce everything to the essentials. The content is divided into sections, each section tells its own story and is designed individually - with colour areas, graphic elements and expressive images as well as with matching typography and some initials.

The text concept and the related web texts were created by Konstantin Dedreux, our house and court copywriter. By the way, he also created a Wikipedia entry for Jamina Gerl. Ms Gerl had hired the photographer Daniel Hammelstein in advance and received tips from us on the visual language and content of the photo shoot.

Corporate design & logo development

During the development of the logo, 2 slightly different but related versions were created. One is free-standing in the header image, the other on staves. The "j" is a combination of Jamina and the "little flag" of an eighth note.

For the font, we decided on Baskerville, which is also available as a web font. This way, the corporate design could be implemented 100% on the website. For the colours, we decided on petrol, light grey and anthracite together with the client. Petrol harmonises well with brass and gold and spreads a feel-good character. People react first to colours and shapes and decide in seconds whether we find something beautiful.