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Essentials set in the spotlight

Implementation of two OnePagers

Not every company needs an extensive website and rather needs a web business card - a website that concentrates on the essentials. With short, coherent texts, meaningful images and graphics that optimally present the company and its range of services.
This is exactly what our client wanted for his two business areas - a joinery and a funeral home. As a solution, we realised two OnePagers in which all content was presented on the start page.

Ideal for tablet users

The framework we work with allows us to design content on a one-page website in an appealing way. The page is divided into so-called sections, which are individually designed with content. There are almost no limits to the scope of design.

Optimal are these OnePagers for users who use mobile devices such as tablets or smartphones. Instead of clicking from page to page, the reader can swipe down or up and has all the information at a glance.

Two web pages - one design grid

Because this was an entrepreneur with two business units, both OnePagers were structured similarly.

Since internet users first perceive and view the images, both websites were equipped with a slideshow that is manually operated by the user.