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Small, fine and informative - the new website for the GO PIAGGIO GO

Small, fine and informative - the new website for the GO PIAGGIO GO
Published on:
23 January 2023
As small and fine as the GO PIAGGIO GO is its new web presence. We realised an extended OnePager for the mobile enjoyment bar - a website on a single page, but extended by a picture gallery and a news blog. Posters and postcards for local advertising rounded off the service.

The GO PIAGGIO has been converted into a mobile catering station with great attention to detail and professional catering equipment. It can now be booked for events - for weddings and anniversaries as well as for company celebrations or in-house trade fairs. Interested event organisers can get an impression of PIAGGIO on the equally lovingly designed new website.

Pleasure-mobile with style

is the slogan (claim) developed by our "house and yard copywriter" Konstantin Dedreux. I brought him on board after the client realised that a professional copywriter was needed. All the essential information of the stylish Genussbar was to be placed on the start page in the form of short, meaningful texts accompanied by a uniform image language. Newsblog and gallery were to be teased, so that all relevant information was available to the reader on one page - regardless of whether they were online with a desktop or a mobile device.

With a claim from a professional copywriter

Our client was so enthusiastic about the claim "Genussmobil mit Stil" that I subsequently realised posters and postcards with Konstantin Dedreux. Both are placed in shops in Bad Homburg, the home of the PIAGGIO. "I don't normally put up posters," commented one retailer, "but this one is so beautiful - I'm happy to make an exception." The owner of the PIAGGIO was delighted and passed on the compliment to us with thanks.

Picture gallery and newsblog for the latest news

If the GO PIAGGIO GO has so pleasantly surprised the guests at an event and in this way given the host satisfaction and also a little pride, photos and a report from the event can be presented in the newsblog of the website. This appeals to new customers and ensures a better ranking in Google. We set up this news blog as an extension of the OnePager, as well as a picture gallery showing the PIAGGIO in more detail. It really is a gem.

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