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The Umweltblick shopping guide with a new website

The Umweltblick shopping guide with a new website
Published on:
09 December 2022
In 2021, the time had come again: the shopping guide of Umweltblick - products without palm oil - was relaunched again. Not only the design is new, but also the fact that the shopping guide is now an independent site. Available under its own domain, it continues to enjoy a growing readership.

The topic of palm oil and its problems in relation to people and nature prompted me to launch the shopping guide in 2012. In the beginning, it mainly consisted of product lists from various manufacturers, which were clearly laid out but also very extensive and thus rather boring in terms of design.

Therefore, the first relaunch took place in 2014. The product lists became brand entries with detailed descriptions of the companies and their brands.

Clearly arranged and sorted by categories

The new concept was also welcomed by my customers, especially as they now had the opportunity to present their products in different categories. After all, palm oil is not only found in food, but also in cleaning products and cosmetics.

The brand guide as a shopping aid

Another plus point is that users do not have to download another app onto their smartphone. The website is conceived and designed in such a way that it can be optimally displayed on smartphones and thus serves as a shopping aid.

In cooperation with the NGOs Robin Wood and Ecodevelop, the declarations - Hidden palm oil in household products, cleaning agents and cosmetics - were also revised some time ago. This gives the user the opportunity to check whether a product contains palm oil when shopping.

The new design with a stand-alone website

The basic structure and layout have been retained. What has changed is the design. Thanks to the further development of the CMS Joomla and the page builder from YOOtheme, the user guidance is now much more open and the administration and publication of new entries is much easier.

You can find the shopping guide Products without palm oil at:

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