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Easier than you think - email encryption with GPG

Easier than you think - email encryption with GPG
Published on:
03 January 2023
Many people think that email encryption is "a complicated, technical thing" and can only be done by experienced technicians. The Berlin company Heinlein Support GmbH shows that this is not the case with a very nicely made pen film.

Even for the absolute layman, the film explains step-by-step how easy it is to download the appropriate software (plug-in) free of charge from the Internet to encrypt one's e-mails in one's e-mail programme so that third parties cannot read them.

Explained in the pen film: How does email encryption work with PGP? from Peer Heinlein on Vimeo.

Heinlein Support GmbH is one of the Internet pioneers and has been working on the topic of PGP and email encryption for 20 years. The developments surrounding Snowden and the NSA spying prompted him and his team to start work on a new provider: went online on 20 February 2014 and offers the encrypted mailbox for everyone. "As an easy-to-use, mass-market safe haven for emails and all personal data. The alternative to Hotmail/MSN, GMail/GoogleDoc and other commercial providers."

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