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Tailor-made instead of off the peg. What does customised web design cost?

Tailor-made instead of off the peg. What does customised web design cost?
Published on:
24 January 2023

Always tailor-made for your company

As unique as our customers have built and run their businesses, their wishes are just as individual. For retailers, for example, it is extremely important that there is permanent communication with the readers. For example, via a news blog linked to social media. Restaurateurs attach great importance to being able to change their changing food and beverage offers themselves. Internationally oriented companies need a website in several languages.
Thus, every company website is a custom-made product that is created especially for the company.

In the first consultation, we discuss all points that are important for the web presence. Based on this initial discussion, an individual overall concept is created. This includes a clear page structure, a coherent text concept by our professional copywriter as well as a suitable and uniform image language. After all, the goal is to create a uniform and appealing appearance in which the visitor to your website can obtain all the essential information in the shortest possible time.

Content and structure of the website - our customers have their say

The structure of the new website always takes place in consultation with our customers. This is because, especially in the initial phase, it becomes apparent that our customers are happy to add their own ideas and wishes. Since the website layout is created online, we can implement changes more quickly and easily than after the end of the project.

We work primarily with the content management system (CMS) Joomla, as it is more flexible and also more secure than WordPress. If our customers are able to manage their website on their own after completion, we provide online training as well as a tutorial. And should something not work out as desired or there is not enough time, we are always available for our customers even after completion and also offer a web service.

Modern web design on all devices

In the meantime, the majority of internet users visit websites with mobile output devices, such as smartphones or tablets. All the websites we create meet the latest modern web standards and are based on a responsive design. This means that the websites look just as clear and chic on the "mobiles" as they do on large screens. Without additional effort and without having to involve external providers with programming.

Search engine optimisation - so that your website is also found

SEO optimisation/search engine optimisation is one of the most important aspects of a successful website. After all, what use is your website if it can only be found with difficulty or not at all?

In addition to the so-called xml files, we verify your website with Google, insert search engine-friendly page descriptions in addition to the keywords (search terms) and also create a Google account including Google Business. Three months after completion of the website, the settings will be checked again and further optimised if necessary.

And what does web design cost?

Since every company has individual wishes and requirements for its own web presence, we cannot quote off-the-shelf prices. However, as a general rule, you can expect to pay from around € 1500 for a professional website. Depending on the scope and whether images and texts are already available.

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