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The OnePager, the optimal solution for start-ups & modern companies

The OnePager, the optimal solution for start-ups & modern companies
Published on:
24 January 2023
In the last three years, they have been increasingly in demand: OnePagers - websites that consist of only one page. We have expanded them and offer the extended version. Optimal for young & old companies that place a lot of value on a modern web presence.

At the end of 2021 we realised 3 OnePagers for a new client. One for each business area. The challenge with OnePagers is to put all relevant information on one page - a OnePager. For the necessary dramaturgy, which leads the visitors of the website from top to bottom (they do not have to click from one sub-page to the other), the page is divided into areas (sections). Each section contains its own topic. However, this requires that the client's business model is presented on one page. Varied with images, typographical elements and texts, all perfectly coordinated to create the tension for this dramaturgy.

In addition, we have added further enhancements to the website: a news blog where the client can present current projects. And a picture gallery that shows details of the services. As soon as changes are made in a blog or gallery, as in this case, Google also rewards this with a better ranking. These extensions thus ensure better SEO optimisation.

You can find an overview of these OnePagers in the portfolio here and here. The third website is not yet completely finished and is therefore not yet shown in the portfolio.

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