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Design helps your customers to find their way

The classic definition of corporate design is the uniform appearance of a company. This ranges from its business cards to the company vehicle livery. We would like to add that good corporate design helps your customers to find their way.

Every contact with your company's communication media leaves a lasting impression that grows stronger over time. This is how a brand is born. It shows your customers, but also your employees and suppliers, just what your company stands for. Orientation like this is a success factor.

When we develop a corporate design for you, it is about more than just uniform colors, fonts, and images. It is about creating value for your business.

The print medium is considered to be traditional because it has existed for so long (book printing since 1440), in contrast to the Internet and electronic media. This long period has produced detailed studies about how people read print media, what readers take notice of, and how they orientate themselves. This is why there are clear principles for design in print media.

We pay close attention to your corporate design and adapt to your target audience. Our layouts have a clear structure to guide the reader. Imagery is compelling, the text is entertaining and informative. This is how you gain customers. That is our experience from the many projects that we have realized for our customers: from flyers, brochures and catalogs to annual reports.

How to win new customers with print

Nothing is more intrinsic to the creative process than the feeling of creating in freedom.

Dr. Christian Ferch

An entire company in a single emblem? Of course!

Creating the design of a logo is the most wonderful task for a designer, but also the most demanding. The full character of your company must be reflected in a single emblem. The result is your logo. 

This may consist of a symbol, a company logo, or it may be a word mark, which presents the name of your company in distinctive lettering. What you choose is a matter of taste, of strategy, and your budget.

The development of a logo generally goes hand-in-hand with our recommendations for a suitable corporate font along with a color scheme for you to use across your advertising media.

If you already have a logo that can be improved, we would be happy to handle this for you too.

Work on this page

Gajas Welt

Corporate design development & concept of menu cards, vouchers, folders

KWG lawfirm

Concept & design of an image brochure as a bilingual reversible brochure

Weber Baumservice

Logo design & implementation for business papers


Development of corporate design & implementation of print media and advertisements

SORT Engineering Services

Logo design, conception of course brochure series

Len Pisciotta

Concept & design Haiku Minerals illustrated book

Logo design

Development of word & figurative marks for various clients