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A new brand identity for Gajas World

Corporate design development & implementation for print and online

For four generations, the Schwobastüble was run as a family business. But Claudia Bihlmaier wanted to make more of her heritage. She decided on vegan cuisine, a special place for socialising and events, and a new name. Gaias World.

Step by step to the new brand

The signet had already been drawn by an artist she knew and was to be kept. We decided on the font "Papyrus" because it looks like it was painted. A matching and harmonious colour world of 4 colours was developed from the signet colours.

The claim "naturally vegan" emerged in several coordination steps. It was important that the new corporate design exudes "naturalness" and "nature-relatedness" and thus reflects the concept of Gajas Welt.

  • Customer
    Claudia Bihlmaier, Gajas Welt
  • Service
    Overall concept Corporate design development | Brand development | Web design & social media

Menu cards & vouchers

Because of the changing offer, the choice fell on blank menu cards, which were printed together with vouchers on white uncoated paper. The inserts, which the customer can print herself with her office printer, were supplied directly by our print shop PaceDruck from Cologne.

To extend the corporate design with its drawn logo, we decided on flower tendrils in watercolour look as an additional graphic design, which was also used on flyers.

The new web presence

Since Ms Bilhmaier and her team wanted to manage their website themselves, the CMS Jimdo was chosen. As a modular system, it can be customised very well and is easy for the customer to use, unlike many others. The new colour scheme of the website was adopted.

The new colour scheme was adopted for the customisation. In order to keep the content clear, we decided on a right-hand navigation and because of the new naming, a good connection to social media was important. Ms. Bilhmaier received training on how to present Gaja's world to a larger audience. Our concept also showed immediate success, as there was plenty of praise from the fans for the beautifully designed website.

"Many a customer's request is: "I'd like a neat design". Which hits the nail on the head. Because behind the term "corporate design" lies not only a uniform appearance but also order."

    Responsive web design

    Since the team of Gajas Welt wanted to manage their website themselves, they chose the CMS (Content Management System) Jimdo. It is easy to use even without prior knowledge. You can find the website of Gajas Welt at: