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Corporate design development

for international law firm

KWG Rechtsanwälte are active throughout Europe in their specialist areas of food and consumer goods law. As the law firm preferred a restrained design, we first decided on the map of Europe as the decisive design element with a discreet design in shades of blue.
This first design was used for all publications in the first few years. Among other things, a bilingual law firm brochure was realised, which was designed as a turnaround brochure. In English and in German. This solution seemed to make the most sense to us, as it makes it easier for the reader to read the pages in his or her own language throughout.
  • Customer
    KWG law firm
  • Services
    Overall concept & implementation Corporate design development for print media
  • Year
    Since 2015 to date

More colour courage

The ad design was first relaunched and the layouts were made brighter and more open. In a further step, the first advertisements with more courage to use colour were realised from 2018 onwards. Instead of the plain-coloured map of Europe, a spice image adorns the new ads.

The spice image - an idea of the client shows a world map to underline the international activity of the law firm.

In spring 2021, the firm's brochure - a bilingual reversible brochure - followed the new design. In its new appearance, it appears much fresher and more vivid.

"Creativity is nothing other than leaving a well-trodden road to seek new paths."

Willy Meurer