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Let pictures tell stories

Concept & design Haiku Minerals illustrated book

Often less is more. Illustrated books can tell stories and should above all do one thing: make you want to leaf through them.
This coffee-table book was created in 2015 in cooperation with a photographer friend from the USA. The beauty of this project was that the client gave me freedom of design. The only task was to combine haikus (Japanese three-liners) and minerals in a coffee-table book.
  • Customer

    Len Pisciotta

  • Service
    Overall concept | Project management | Design
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High quality workmanship

The printing and elaborate processing of the illustrated book was done by Pacem Druck in Cologne. The cover was matt laminated and the book was printed on a bright white paper (Heaven42). With a ribbon bookmark and the Japanese characters for haiku in the preface and postscript, the illustrated book has a very high-quality and noble character.

Advertising & Marketing

A website with an integrated minishop was created to go with the illustrated book. The interested reader could order the book directly from the author. The client also uses the design of folders and posters for his presentations and mineral exhibitions.
"They say that designing brochures, magazines or illustrated books is the supreme discipline of graphic design. And we have to admit, it's true! Because every publication we develop has its own message, is tailored to the goals of our clients and is individually realised. No publication resembles another. Each one is unique."