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Simply more than good vision

Relaunch of a specialist optician's website in magazine style

Optik Geuer is one of my long-standing and loyal customers. In 2014, in close cooperation with the owner Elke Haus, we relaunched her website for the first time. But after 7 years, a website becomes outdated due to technical developments. And so, in autumn 2020, the second relaunch was imminent.

As the optician's shop in Cologne-Höhenhaus was being renovated at the same time, it made sense to give the new website a new look. Our client had already integrated the colours petrol and dark blue into her own adverstising, which we implemented on the website. In combination with a light grey. The result is impressive. The result is a fresh and friendly new website.

  • Customer
    Optik Geuer & Nordhaus
  • Service
    Overall concept & implementation relaunch of the website
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More possibilities for individual web design

We have been working successfully with the Hamburg web developers Yootheme for several years. Their development - a sophisticated PageBuilder - gives us designers much more possibilities to individually design websites.

Whether large-format pictures in alternation, individual background design or typographic design - as known from the print sector - we were able to implement on Optik Geuer's website.

Technology meets design

On the one hand, eyewear is considered a fashion accessory, on the other hand, the lenses are becoming more and more technically sophisticated. To communicate both, we used image sliders with which the reader can navigate.

For the necessary excitement, the image elements alternate with the informative texts and thus induce the reader to browse the website for a longer time.

For visual tranquillity and undisturbed reading pleasure, individual sections were given a paralax effect and supplemented with quotes from the owner in Cologne.

"Creativity means creating order out of chaos."

Georg Stefan Troller