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Setting a sign

Development of logos, word and word-picture marks

We like to be a little picky here. Because it's not called a "logo". We designers talk about signets, picture marks or word-picture marks. Because that's what it's all about: communicating a brand, making it visible in the form of a unique image - an individual sign.

Und das tun wir sogar mit sehr viel Leidenschaft, noch mehr Geduld und auch einer gehörigen Portion an Pingeligkeit. Denn das Zeichen muß passen, damit es in Erinnerung bleibt und den Wiedererkennungswert hat, den eine Marke braucht

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    Development of word marks and word-picture marks. Implementation of business papers, print & online media.

Design must work

When developing your logo, we also make sure that you can reproduce it yourself. Whether for a car inscription, for print and online media or for advertising material.

Because of our many years of experience, we have quite a large pool of contacts that we can recommend to you if you would like to use your logo effectively in advertising.