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We bring customers to your site

Is your website up to date? The internet has evolved a lot in recent years. That's why we realise websites that not only look good, but also function well. We work with content management systems that meet the latest web standards: user-friendly, open for social media, search engine optimised and optimally accessible on mobile devices. This is how the internet brings you customers and contacts.

Most internet users use search engines and enter search terms to get to the pages of the corresponding companies. That is why search engine optimisation of your website is so important. So that you are not only present on the internet, but the internet is also present with you.

We maximize your opportunities, not the costs

You want your website to be effective? This may involve regular updates to images and text, offering downloads, or maybe even the integration of an online shop. Whichever way you go, a content management system (CMS) is the right choice for you.

Joomla and WordPress are a CMS that are modern, flexible and conforms to the latest web standards. It offers components like blogs, forms, and online stores as well as all of the possibilities for search engine optimization.

We customize these components for you so that they suit your company and your corporate design. If you are looking for a multilingual site, no problem, we work with native-language translators.

There's no need to program websites line by line any more, that is far too laborious. A CMS maximizes your options, not your costs. The finished website supports all output devices and runs on PCs just as well as on smartphones and tablet PCs. What kind of CMS you prefer, we deliver a professional result.

Inexpensive, efficient and with growth potential

A professional website is not a question of size. With our OnePager websites you can be very present online. We present your company in such a way that customers want to know more and contact you. With our OnePagers, the reader finds all relevant information on one page - the start page. The ideal solution for small businesses with small budgets.

Do you want an efficient website that can grow with your business? Or do you first want to see whether a new business area is worthwhile for you? In this case, a OnePager is exactly what you need. Our OnePagers are search engine optimised, support all output devices (PC's, Smartphones and Tablet PC's) and can be extended and expanded at short notice if required. Our special at the moment are the extended OnePagers. The start page with an additional subpage and a newsblog.

We set up the page on the server ready for you - turnkey, so to speak. In the meantime, you can already prepare yourself for customer enquiries. Curious now?

Curious? You can find more information under the menu item: "Portfolio"

Google and Facebook as a source of visitors

Almost all users of the Internet search for websites by entering keywords into search engines like Google. This is why we offer SEO packages for search-engine optimization. We identify the keywords, enter them into the corresponding meta tags, and register your site with Google. And if you wish to know how strongly frequented your pages are, we can install a statistics program.

More and more visitors are now arriving from social networks. In 2012, 70% of German Internet users were active users of social media ñ a figure that continues to rise. So there's a good chance that that's where you will meet your target audience. For this reason your website should be open to social media, so that visitors can recommend you, your products, or your services. This is because visitors who follow a recommendation on social media arrive with an open mind and stay longer on a site.

If you wish to take active part in social media, we can set up a professional profile and assist you by creating content that is relevant to your target audience.